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Guitars, Drums, Cymbals,
Keyboards & Pro Audio / Music
Instrument Store

Brands like Supro, D'Angelico, Dean, Luna, Ddrum, Washburn, Yamaha,
Harbinger, Seymour Duncan, TKL, SKB, Sabian, Paiste, Zildjian, NUX, Pigtronix & More.

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Simply put the Musician's Stage & Studio, Inc., Wayne's Guitar World and the House of Music staff are musicians, with many years of professional experience. We have extensive experience playing live music; supporting professionals who also play and record; providing Guitar, Bass, Drum and Pro-Audio Technical Service & Set-up; as well as selling quality gear & accessories to musician's and DJ's of any level, from beginner to pro.. Having a technical problem or need to improve your existing gear? Contact us.

Variety of Musical Instruments

We Offer A Wide Range Of Top Quality New & Used Musical Instruments, Related Gear & Accessories.

From Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Basses, Drums, Cymbals, and Hardware. Keyboards, Mixers, Amps, Mics, Speakers, Cables & Lighting.

Don't see it here? Ask us if we can get it and we'll let you know.

Need School Band Instruments for your child? We offer an excellent rental program that's not only easy to get into but equally easy to get out of if you need to. And we've made it simple just to do it all online. Just click on the Rental Link to get started.

Variety of Instruments

Our Guarantee

We like quality and we're not afraid to rate products as we see it. We'll tell you what we think about it, before you buy it. We want you to be satisfied and we enjoy what we do. We don't like cutting corners, or doing it cheap. We are more results oriented. Doing it right doesn't always require a lot more money. Knowledge is the key.

Because we sell both New & Used Gear as well as consumable items like drum sticks, strings and other things, warranties on each item will vary. If we haven't already expressed it on an item we sell and you have any questions about whether a particular item carries a warranty, please ask us.

Your Musical Journey Starts Here!

School Instrument Rentals

Here are just a few of the major brands we carry...

Supro "All Tube" Amplifiers
D'Angelico Guitars

Dean Guitars, Basses, Banjos, Resonators, and other string instruments.
Luna Guitars, Ukeleles, Banjos and their Full Line of other Stringed Instruments
Washburn Guitars, Banjos, and their stringed Instruments are impressive.
Ddrum - Acoustic & Electronic drums and drum triggers
Yamaha Drums, Guitars, Basses, Keyboards, Pro-Audio & Hardware.
Pigtronix Effects Pedals
Paiste, Sabian & Zildjian Cymbals
Yamaha, Harbinger, EV, JBL & many other speakers/subwoofers.
Seymour Duncan Pick-Ups
Remo, Evans, Vater, Vic Firth, Promark, Rhythm Tech, Gibraltar & more.
sE, Shure, Sennheiser, CAD, Audio-Technica, Audix, & other great Microphones.
JUD, Monster, Pig-Hog, CBI Cables & adapters.
On-Stage, Stageline, Quik-Lok & other Stands.
D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Elixir, and other Strings. adapters & more.
TKL, SKB, Roadrunner, MBT & other Cases / Gig Bags
Roc-N-Soc Drum Thrones, Tower Thrones & more, with many options... made to order.
NUX Amps & Effects and Cherub Tuners 
DW Pro Series Hardware as well as PDP Drums & Hardware
LP Latin Percussion Products
L.R.Baggs - Pick-Ups, Pre-Amps & Pedals

These are just a few of our top brands that come to mind. Looking for something specific? Contact us and most likely if we don't have it, we can order it for you!

A Little More Info:

Musician's Stage & Studio, Inc., also known locally as the House of Music in Virginia and Wayne's Guitar World in Florida are owned and operated by gigging musicians with many years of technical and playing experience. We purchase directly from several leading manufacturers and, in addition, have distributors which give us access to more brands & products than we're able to list here.

That being said, with literally thousands of items available, depending on demand, it's impossible to keep everything in stock at all times. Especially since the Covid Shutdown, even a majority of manufacturers still have items on backorder. They too are waiting to get the parts & supplies they use to build their products. Because of this, it can take anywhere from a couple of days, several weeks, or more to get certain items.

Currently, we are suggesting that if an item is out of stock - Order it!!! Get your name on that list. Because as soon as these backorders come in, if your name isn't on it, it will be gone just that quick! That's how things are now, for the time being. Reserve the items you want now until the manufacturers can get caught up.

Meanwhile, we're on top of it! We take pride in good customer service! Always looking out for you!

Musician's Stage & Studio Inc

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Musician's Stage & Studio

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